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Update on the Wedding Photographers convention

We’re having an amazing, simply surreal time at the convention here in Tampa, Florida. Our experience here started with us getting almost giddy upon seeing and meeting so many of our heroes of wedding photography. These stars are walking around like regular people which is almost deceiving, because if you truly appreciate great photography, it’s not possible to regard them as just regular human beings.

It’s been a bit non-stop since we got here, with seminars running from about 8 in the morning until 10pm. We’ve had a chance to talk with dozens of like-minded artists and professionals and it’s so inspiring to be amidst so many colleagues. We’ve met people from Finland to Australia, experienced seminars from multi-award winning studios, and even witnessed an event titled the ‘Wedding from Hell” :)

This was a staged and planned exercise that involved a 6’3″ bride paired with a groom of about 5’ and included many other challenges that can occasionally come up and make weddings more interesting. A star cast of 5 wedding photographers was commenting as they were shooting the staged wedding, and the audience of 500+ photographers including us were probably laughing just as much as we were learning.

To share with you a few more of our favorite artists whom we’ve had the honor of seeing and meeting these last few days, take a look at some of these sites:

Stephen and Jennifer Bebb


Jerry Ghionis

We hope you enjoy these world class photographers and please comment to let us know what you think! Natasha and I look forward to the rest of the convention.


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January 7, 2008 - 7:38 pm

Choco Studio - Hey Lisa,

It’s great to hear you’re enjoying the posts! Jesh de Rox’s E-Session seminar today was just surreal, he had a room of 250+ wedding photographers completely mesmerized with his words.

We soo appreciate your kind comments!

January 7, 2008 - 11:01 am

Lisa - Needless to say, I am greatly enjoying your blog this week! Thanks for sharing your convention experiences. As for my fav? Hands down, it’s Jesh de Rox. I was actually surprised to find out he’s at the convention, since his work is so outside of the standard mainstream professional mold. Seeing his website about a year ago really encouraged me to pursue my own photographic style and pursue some new options for myself.

As for walking amongst the stars? You never know – Choco Studio could be one of the convention speakers someday, and attendees will be wondering why you all seem like such down to earth regular people when you’re really not…

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