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About us:

She is a Zappos VIP. I think that means she enjoys buying shoes more than wearing them.
He lives life with a soundtrack – music, 24/7.
She would love for my soundtrack to be a little bit quieter.
He eats all the time. All day long. And never gains weight. (It’s annoyingly cute.)
She is super high-energy in the morning. (It’s annoyingly cute.)
He owns 10 pillows, though only one is named “perfect.”
She truly “hearts” chocolate… even the really dark, bittersweet stuff. Weird.
He never watches The Bachelor….except when it’s on, of course.
She hasn’t missed a single episode of Grey’s Anatomy in nine seasons.
He shares the Kleenex box when the Notebook is on.
She doesn’t mind getting a little grungy. Sexiest. Tomboy. Ever.

About Us

We believe:

- Marriage is a symphony of likeness, differences and passion, where skin-color and gender have no meaning.

- Family is the only true source of unconditional love.

- Nature is the only place we can rediscover our voice and replenish our souls.

- Discovering cultural differences shines a light on the wonder of our own lives.

- Good enough isn’t really good enough. Never settle.

- Our greatest power isn’t our instinct, it’s our need to explore, love and grow.

- Being disliked for who you are is better than being loved for someone you are not.

Mike and Nat(photo credit: Stefan Patashvili)

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