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Natural Wedding Photos at The Mountain Winery and Dynasty – Lori and Alex

Lori and Alex’s wedding day was full of great stories and intimate moments. One of the first things we usually hear in the morning of is that the bride and groom didn’t sleep very well – they’re so anxious. When we first saw Lori, we found out that she actually overslept a bit and there was even a small delay with starting the makeup :) We were glad to see them so relaxed and to allow the day to just happen naturally.

Lori and Alex were really psyched about their portraits and picked out some amazing locations for their wedding photos. We started off at the Cypress Hotel, headed to the Hakone Gardens, and continued to The Mountain Winery for the ceremony. Posed and unposed, it was awesome to see them having fun and really enjoy being intimate in front of our cameras.

Nat and I were both digging the light during the preparations:

Mountain Winery Wedding Photo with Bridal Preparations

Mountain Winery Picture with bridal preparations

Mountain Winery Photography with groom getting ready

Lori couldn’t wait to see her groom in the morning:

Dynasty Restaurant photo peeking bride

After some door games, Lori was revealed to Alex and everyone was ready to grab the tissues:

Dynasty Restaurant morning wedding games

The Hakone Gardens were just lovely on this day:

Dynasty Restaurant natural wedding day photography

Dynasty Restaurant intimate wedding portrait

Dynasty Restaurant wedding photography

Dynasty Restaurant bridal portraits

Kids added plenty of laughter to the ceremony:

Mountain Winery wedding photography

It was especially touching to see Alex get emotional during the ceremony vows. We could just feel how much these moments were affecting both of them:

Mountain Winery wedding photographer

Mountain Winery wedding ceremony

I DOs!

Mountain Winery wedding candid

The family enjoyed a fun private celebration at the tea ceremony:

Dynasty restaurant wedding photographer

Dynasty restaurant wedding tea ceremony

Followed by more natural and intimate portraits at the hotel:

Mountain Winery wedding intimate portrait

Natural San Francisco Wedding Photographer

We were SO happy to be a part of your day, Lori and Alex. It was a lovely day and we feel blessed to have been a part of it!

– Mike and Nat

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Allied Arts Guild Wedding Photos in Menlo Park – Feng and Kevin

We were excited to come back to the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park recently for the wedding of Feng and Kevin. This lovely couple is from the East coast and met while attending school here. They picked a gorgeous Mediterranean venue that not many people have heard of for their special day – the Allied Arts Guild. We love how it’s full of hydrangeas, roses, and carefully manicured landscapes throughout. This was a perfect match to Feng and Kevin’s intimate wedding.

We felt very lucky to have clouds providing beautiful light:

Allied Arts Guild wedding portraits

Allied Arts Guild wedding preparations

Allied Arts Guild wedding ceremony

The cocktail hour was a great, relaxed time for people to mingle while enjoying some poolside hors d’oeuvres:

Allied Arts Guild cocktail hour

Allied Arts Guild wedding photography

Feng and Kevin were naturals for the portraits! We just loved capturing these intimate moments:

Allied Arts Guild wedding photos

Allied Arts Guild bride and groom

Peninsula wedding venues

The outdoor reception allowed all of their guests to truly take in our California sunshine:

Allied Arts Guild wedding reception

Allied Arts Guild wedding fun reception

And they partied late into the night! Congratulations, Kevin and Feng! We were honored to be a part of your special day.

Mike and Nat

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A Wedding at The Old Mint in San Francisco – David and Ernst

We were introduced to David and Ernst by common friends and it’s been a blast getting to know them. For one thing, they are those rare people who like chocolate more then we do :) David is a talented chocolatier and creates the most amazing chocolates! As you can imagine I liked these guys right away :)

We loved how their engagement session turned out and had pretty high hopes for photography on the day of the wedding.

Their preparations took place at the Sir Frances Drake hotel and the ceremony with the following reception were held at The Old Mint on 5th and Mission. It was fascinating to get to know The Old Mint and learn that it’s the 3rd oldest building in San Francisco. Complete with a set of cool vaults for the cocktail hour, this venue was a stylish setting for this celebration.

The Old Mint wedding groom preparations

The Old Mint wedding details

The Old Mint wedding grooms getting ready in the morning

The Old Mint wedding preparations

After the preparations, we loved having the opportunity to create some beautiful portraits at Sir Frances Drake:

The Old Mint same sex wedding

The Old Mint wedding portraits

The Old Mint wedding photographer

The Old Mint wedding photography

The Old Mint wedding two grooms

How awesome is this ceremony setup? The tables allowed all the guests so have their cocktails and comfortably chat while waiting for the ceremony to start:

The Old Mint emotional wedding ceremony

The Old Mint wedding rings

As wedding photographers, we LOVE emotion and there was no shortage of it on this day. You could see people tearing up during the ceremony and giving standing ovations to some of the touching reception toasts. We loved the intimacy witnessed on this day:

The Old Mint same sex wedding ceremony

Fun with creative portrait continued at The Old Mint:

The Old Mint intimate wedding portraits

The Old Mint wedding photography

The Old Mint San Francisco wedding reception

Wedding toasts at the The Old Mint

The central courtyard was converted into a fun nighttime party scene! And the cake stand was made entirely from chocolate by David:

First dance at The Old Mint wedding

And the fun continued long into the night!

The Old Mint dancing

The Old Mint wedding dance

Congratulations guys! We were honored to document your memories.

Nat and Mike

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