Roger and Judy get engaged!

by | Mar 15, 2007 | E-Sessions, Personal | 1 comment

My friend Roger and I were planning for weeks about how and where he’s going to propose to his girlfriend. We checked out a few different locations and Roger settled on the vista point on the Sausalito side of Golden Gate Bridge. It was to be on a Saturday early morning that I would drive there, hide in the bushes in the little central structure and wait until Roger would bring his sweetheart to the spot. It went great in spite of the visiting tourists and passersby in the area.


wedding photojournalism

Judy didn’t suspect a thing and in fact claimed to still be sleepy and a bit shocked at once. I came up to them after Roger pointed me out and the three of us had a nice lunch in Sausalito.


A quick prompted photo:

wedding photojournalist

Congrats to Roger and Judy!! I wish you guys all the best. Looks like it’ll be me on the other side of the camera lens as part of a bridal party pretty soon :)