San Francisco City Hall Weddings

We are so lucky to have a building as beautiful and photogenic as the City Hall in our city of San Francisco. It’s truly a marvel and each time we visit it feels like taking a step back in time. With a European feel and great light coming through the large windows – it’s truly a photographer’s dream come true.


Why we Love Weddings at the City Hall


It’s been an honor to document weddings at the San Francisco City Hall for the past ten years. We’ve photographed couples from as far as Australia and England as well as many US states who’ve come just to get married here. Sometimes it’s just an elopement while other times the entire family joins in for the ceremony.

What we love most about the City Hall is the architecture and the lovely, bright windows casting flattering light. Opportunities for creative photographs are abundant and the ceremonies are always meaningful and elegant.

We are honored to have photographed over 100 weddings at the City Hall. Our focus is for you to have a smooth and memorable experience for your City Hall wedding:

  • We’ll guide you through every step of the process
  • From your ceremony to bride and groom portraits – we’ll make the most of your photography time
  • Our style has a focus on natural and intimate moments so you can feel comfortable and relaxed


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San Francisco City Hall Wedding Packages


While our weekend events start at $4,000 we are proud to offer more affordable options for weekday City Hall weddings. Choose from the options below and we’ll guide you through the whole process. 


Package I:

  • One Hour of Coverage: Your Ceremony and Portraits
  • Your images are edited and ready in 2 weeks
  • $750

Package II:

  • Two Hours of Coverage: Your Ceremony and Extended Portraits
  • Your images are edited and ready in 2 weeks
  • $995

Package III:

  • Three Hours of Coverage: Your Ceremony, City Hall Portraits, One Additional Location
  • Your images are edited and ready in 2 weeks
  • $1,295


City Hall Wedding Packages Include:


  • High-resolution and edited images are ready to download within 3 weeks of your wedding.
  • Additional photography hours can be added at $300/hour.
  • Dates are booked first come, first served. Reserve your wedding by getting in touch today.

We also offer custom-designed wedding albums, engagement sessions, and day-after photo sessions. City Hall wedding packages are available Monday-Friday.

City Hall Photography FAQ

Q. How can we reserve the date?

Please contact us to see if we’re open for your date. We’ll reply right away and provide you with an easy way to reserve your wedding date.

When do you collect payment?

There is a deposit of 50% at the time of the booking. Your final payment will be due two weeks before your wedding.

Do you edit the photographs?

Yes! Every photograph will be edited for accurate color, exposure, cropping, etc. Your images will be ready to print in high-resolution and without any watermarks.

What kind of rights do we have to the photos?

You have unlimited personal usage rights. This means you can print, share, and use them for any personal purpose.

San Francisco City Hall Weddings


How to Get Married



What is the process of getting married at the City Hall?


To get married at the San Francisco City Hall you’ll need to make two reservations: one for your marriage license and one for your actual ceremony.  We highly recommend scheduling your license appointment on a separate day in advance so you can save time and have less hassle on your wedding day. Once you receive your wedding license, it is valid for 90-days.

Your reservation for a ceremony can be made up to 90 days in advance on the following website:

San Francisco City Hall wedding ceremonies are available Monday – Friday from 10am to 3:30pm. You’ll need at least one witness (we’ll be honored to do this for you!) and you can officially have no more than 6 guests, although we have seen bigger gatherings.

Most importantly, remember to bring your state issued government IDs or passports as well as your wedding license. Everything else will take care of itself :)


How much does it cost to get married at City Hall SF?


Your reservation for a City Hall ceremony will cost $81. The marriage license fee is currently $108.

If you’d like a more private ceremony on one of the three balconies the cost starts at $1,002 (for up to 100 guests).

Learn more about San Francisco City Hall rental costs here: or by phone at 415-554-6079.


Where will our ceremony take place in the City Hall?


Most weekday City Hall ceremonies take place in The Rotunda, which is the beautiful space on top of the grand stairway. It’s also possible to get married in a small room set up as a chapel, although this is not a popular option.

If you’d like a more private setting or if you’re having a lot of guests it’s also possible to rent one of three balconies: The Mayor’s Balcony, North 4th Floor Balcony, and South 4th Floor Balcony. These balconies allow for up to 100 guests.


San Francisco City Hall Wedding Mayor’s Balcony


The Mayor’s balcony is a beautiful private setting that can be reserved for your weekday City Hall celebration. City Hall can provide chairs as well as a way of blocking off the area so your celebration will not be interrupted. Up to an hour of time is allocated for each reservation.

San Francisco City Hall Mayor’s balcony is available Monday – Friday before 4pm. This space can hold up to 100 guests.


San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer


Choco Studio is one of the leading San Francisco photography studios for wedding photography at the City Hall. Our many years of experience will allow you to have a relaxed celebration so you can fully enjoy your wedding day. We have the necessary insurance, equipment and expertise to guide you so you can focus on just being in the moment with your sweetie.

As San Francisco City Hall wedding photographers we’ll create an experience you’ll fondly remember each time you look at your wedding photos.


San Francisco City Hall Wedding Reception


There are several options available if you’re looking to have your wedding reception at the San Francisco City Hall. If you’re looking to have a weekend wedding reception, rates begin at $10,000 (for up to 500 guests).

You can also rent the City Hall for 2 hours on a Saturday and the cost is $5,000. Your event must be done by 2pm.


How do you get a wedding license?


To get your wedding license you’ll need to make an appointment at the City Hall. The available days are Monday – Friday 8:15am – 3:30pm.

Once you obtain your wedding license, the  ceremony must take place within 90 days from the date that your license is issued. If necessary, you can choose to obtain a confidential marriage license. This will not require any witnesses and your marriage record will only be available to you.

To schedule your wedding license appointment, click on the following link:

The San Francisco City Hall Address is: 1 Dr. Carlton B Goodlett Pl, San Francisco, Ca 94102


How can I get a copy of a marriage certificate?


You’ll be able to obtain a copy of your marriage certificate 10 business days after your marriage license is received from the person conducting your ceremony. The County Clerk will be able to issue you a certified copy of the record for a $15 fee.

Your marriage certificate can be obtained in person, online, or requested by phone at 800-708-6733. To learn more about this process, see this guide:


Advantages of Having us Photograph Your San Francisco City Hall Elopement


One of the great things about the City Hall is that it’s perfect for a couple who is just looking for an elopement! As your photographer, it’d be a pleasure to guide you and make sure that your day runs smoothly while we create amazing images.

We know the City Hall inside and out so we can give you suggestions about the best time of the day for light, where to go for portraits, and how to score the best spots for your dinner afterwards.

Elopements are great because they are intimate and without distractions. It’s an honor for us to witness the day you become a family.


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Vendors We Love



Lissin Lev Chaya


Lissin is deeply rooted in her practices, trained in rituals of many faiths, and committed to blending traditions in a way that feels authentic and respectful to all.


Bella Fiora

In 2005 Dino Bocala and Mark Leahy opened Bella Fiora within the walls of a tiny kiosk at the corner of California and Polk Street in San Francisco. Four short years saw an explosion in demand for their beautiful floral designs, and Bella Fiora ‘bloomed’ into a new luxurious suite only steps away.



A local flower shop and design studio based in the Mission District, San Francisco. Most of their material is California grown and every design is custom made.

Makeup Artist and Hair

Triple Twist Makeup

Because we only do weddings, we know exactly what our brides are looking for – natural, beautiful makeup and flawless, precision hair styling. We arrive with an Italian makeup table and director’s chairs to provide the most comfortable setting for your day-of service. Best of all, you’ll have an amazing lighted backdrop for your pre-ceremony photography.

Reception Venues

Absinthe Brasserie & Bar

Located three blocks away from the City Hall, Absinthe features French and Northern Italian-influenced brasserie fare for lunch and dinner. Absinthe’s lively bar offers classic and creative cocktails and late-night dining. Absinthe Private Dining, located adjacent to Absinthe Brasserie & Bar, functions as a completely private dining room, with its own entrance, bar, and restroom.



Imperial Productions

It not uncommon to see Vinny doing his signature filming while on skates to produce video that few in the world can achieve. Specializing in weddings, Vinny is relentlessly ambitious in applying his creativity and style to the wedding industry.

Awesome Shot Studios


With a background in live network television, photography, and teaching workshops, Oren has spent over 25 years perfecting the craft of visual storytelling. Having covered hundreds of weddings, Oren has a knack for being in the right place, at the right time…and working as a team to create wonderful memories for each couple.

More Weddings From San Francisco City Hall

San Francisco City Hall Elopement Wedding

The San Francisco City Hall is a wonderful place for an elopement. We photograph couples who come from other states, and even other countries to get married at our City Hall.

Katherine and Joseph visited from Miami and wanted to have a private and memorable elopement in our beautiful town.

Click to see more wedding photos from an elopement at the San Francisco City Hall.

San Francisco City Hall Same-Sex Wedding

We were so thrilled when equality prevailed and every couple was finally able to get married. This was a wedding between two people in love and we were honored to be a part of their day.

We believe that skin-color and gender have no meaning when it comes to love. It’s absolutely wonderful when people have equal rights.

Click to see more photos from a same-sex wedding at the City Hall.

SF City Hall Wedding

Weddings often allow us to meet people with whom we click right away. Sveta and Dae are the sweetest couple and we are still in touch with them, several years after their SF City Hall wedding.

We love to roam the City Hall and come up with new angles and ideas for creative portraits.

Click to see more photos from an SF City Hall Wedding.

St Francis Yacht Club Wedding Photos

Some couples choose to have a ceremony at the San Francisco City Hall and a reception dinner at another venue. Anna and Gary had their beautiful party at the St Francis Yacht Club.

Their ceremony took place on the Mayor’s Balcony at the City Hall. We just loved the style of this wedding!

Click to see reception photos from the St Francis Yacht Club and a ceremony on the Mayor’s Balcony.

City Hall Wedding

Many of our City Hall wedding couples choose to have additional locations for portraits. This usually happens after the ceremony and adds a nice variety to the scenes and backgrounds.

There are an infinite number of gorgeous settings in San Francisco. We traveled to The Palace of Fine Arts on this beautiful day.

Click to see more photos from a ceremony at the City Hall and portraits at The Palace of Fine Arts.


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