Photos from the convention

by | Jan 7, 2008 | Press + Studio News | 0 comments

We’ve been taking a few snapshots with a portable camera of some of the highlights of the event. Following the “Wedding from Hell”, the proper thing for wedding photographers to do is to have a Trash the Dress session right in the hotel’s fountain! There were probably dozens of shooters trying to get some hot photos.

Here are just a few quick shots:

bride photo



Exhausted, but happy wedding photographers :)

mike and natasha

This is the last night of the convention, and you can look forward to seeing some photos from our New Year’s spent in Lake Tahoe. It’s been an amazing experience to learn and network from literally hundreds of incredible people. We also attended a photography trade show, also held in Tampa, and we have lots of new product and album ideas to bring back to our great clients. Natasha and I will spend a few more days in Florida before heading back home.