New Year’s 2008 in Lake Tahoe

by | Jan 9, 2008 | Personal | 1 comment

We had an awesome time with some of our friends over New Year’s weekend in Lake Tahoe. It’s not often Natasha and I check out the snow-country just because we usually like it much warmer :). We had a great cabin and I think we definitely got lucky with the weather. Had we been there just a week later, it could’ve been quite a different experience.

I love to snowboard and have spent many seasons enjoying some of the resorts we’re blessed to have in Tahoe. My favorite ones are North Star and Kirkwood, but on this trip we decided to take it easy, relax, and check out some cross-country skiing instead.

Now, usually, it’s a peaceful and relatively easy experience, but Natasha definitely figured out a way to make it exciting. The cross-country area we’d chosen had many hills, and while the uphill runs turned out to be quite arduous, the downhill runs were simply terrifying. Cross-country skis are really not well suited for the hills and slowing down became almost impossible.

At one point while descending down a slope, Natasha had suddenly realized that she’s gaining more and more speed, and because of a lack of downhill skiing experience, she was unable to turn or even slow down. As the road turned, she found safety in a large pile of fresh snow as she realized that it’s probably a good time to crash land before kissing some evergreens :) Some concerned passersby were relieved when they heard Natasha’s laughing.

Here are some photos from the trip:

Some of the decorations we set up in our house:

Enjoying a beautiful and bright time out on the lake:

We hope your New Year’s was fun also!