My baby niece

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When I met Dasha she was 1.5 months old and I left on her 2 months anniversary. My mom had been dutifully sending me lots of Dasha’s pictures since her birth, and I was pretty sure that I knew how she looked from almost every possible angle.

I was so wrong! When I first saw her sleeping in the crib she was soo tiny, so much smaller that I could’ve ever imagined her to be! I was seriously afraid to hold her the first couple of days, but when my fear disappeared I just couldn’t let her go. Dasha looks so much like my sister when she was a baby that I was constantly referring to her by my sister’s name “Ira”.
It’s really interesting how this new addition to the family, this tiny human changes everything in the life of a family. It’s still weird to me that my still-very-young parents are suddenly called “grandparents” and my little sister, who still sleeps with stuffed toys of her, has now become a mother.

I could really notice the baby’s growth during my time in Russia: she gained weight, started to smile and also to “talk” much more. In fact, I already see a much more grown up baby in the most recent photos my mom sent to me since I came back. The changes at that age are happening so incredibly quick! Although parents usually want their small babies to grow up fast, it’s impossible to turn back the time later on and at some point they are probably going to regret that they tried to rush the time.

So here are some of my favorites I took of Dasha:

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My sister & her baby:

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It was so incredibly hard to select just a few pictures from hundreds I was taking of Dasha! If you’d like to see more, check out the whole slideshow!

Auntie Natasha