Photos from the Yosemite National Park

by | Sep 2, 2009 | Personal | 6 comments

At the end of July we posted that we are going to Yosemite for a bit, but after the trip we got so busy that we never got around to post pictures. Better late then never, so here we go!

It was my pretty much the first real visit to Yosemite and I absolutely loved it! It was very warm and comfortable during the night so we could sit by the fire all night long. During the day though it was well above 100 degrees and we couldn’t do any hardcore hiking and were mostly just walking around the valley and along the river.

Yosemite flowers

A bug in Yosemite

It’s never safe to nap when the camera is around!

Sleeping in the tent

Yosemite National Park


Yosemite Valley Floor

Sitting by the river

Reflections on the river

Self portrait how-to: 1) Turn on the timer 2) Put the camera down on the ground 3) Push the shatter button 4) Ruuuunnn! :) We did it quite a few times too :)

Mike and Natasha

I just loove the feel of this one:


Flower Field

Mike – the master of fire:


I could not believe how close the mule deer let us come to them. They really didn’t care!

Mule Deer

The famous Half Dome. We met a couple there who just got engaged on top of it that morning – soo romantic! We’ll have to climb it one day :)

Half Dome Photo

The challenge of going to Yosemite is that the park is so popular you need to make campground reservations half a year in advance. The next reservation date is already on my calendar and we are so going there again next year! :)