Backpacking in Mendocino

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We’ve worked over Memorial Day weekend for the last seven years and have already gotten used to it -as wedding photographers we usually work when everyone else is off. This year, however, we were happy to realize that our Memorial Day weekend was wide open – oh the possibilities!!! In the end, we decided to go backpacking to the beautiful Mendocino National Forest which turned out to be much larger than we were anticipating.

Mike and I both love to go camping, but it’s usually car camping and we can take pretty much whatever fits in the car. Packing for a backpacking trip is a completely different process – you know that everything you put in that bag will end up on your back for the entire trip. I stood there and thought for a while if we should take a big heavy camera or a lot of chocolate. Well… here are our PHONE pictures from the trip :)

The beginning + crossing an ice cold river:

Backpacking Mendocino forest


Not getting lost + fire after an exhausting day:

Wedding photographers camping in Mendocino


Snow at the end of May + lunch alfresco:

Wedding Photographer Mendocino


Amazing views + taking pictures:

Wedding photography Mendocino


Forest people:

Mendocino camping


Yup, that’s what tired wedding photographers look like :)

Backpacking in Mendocino