We are back!

by | Jan 26, 2009 | Personal | 2 comments

Thank you to everyone for your patience during our travel time. Natasha and I experienced an amazing adventure through Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand and we can’t wait to share it. Naturally, we brought back thousands of photographs (as to be expected!) and we’ll start posting some of them just as soon as we get a chance.

We also brought back a few videos made using our point-n-shoot camera and here are a few for your entertainment:

Crossing the street in Hanoi, Vietnam is an experience in itself. They don’t have many streetlights and although most of the transportation consists of slow moving mopeds, it’s a bit intimidating nonetheless. Our guidebook sort of recommended saying a little prayer, closing your eyes, and just going for it:


We came across a large collective of friendly monkeys along the roadside in Angkor Wat, Cambodia. It was amazing to interact with them as their behavior is so human-like that it was surreal:


Tuk-tuks are a common form of transportation around Bangkok. It’s basically a moped modified in a rickshaw fashion and it is the most common way that travelers get around in this city:


More to follow…

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!