There are two Leos in the family now!

by | Aug 21, 2009 | Personal | 1 comment

This week is incredibly exciting for the whole family: we got to meet Mike’s new nephew Jonah! He decided to come out and see the world a couple of weeks ahead of his due date, so it was a bit unexpected :) Both the mom and the baby are doing great and they’re at home already. Jonah is tiny and absolutely adorable!!! :)

We didn’t have a chance to photograph him yet, but here’s a picture by his daddy, Alex Peyzner:

Jonah Baby

On another note, my most favorite little girl in the whole world turned two today! How did it happen so quick? It seems she just was learning to hold her head not that long ago… I’m so happy and at the same time a bit sad that I cannot be with my family to celebrate her birthday. Here are a couple of pictures of Dasha I took while visiting them in Russia about a month ago:




Have a great upcoming weekend everyone!