The latest album is in

by | Nov 20, 2007 | Press + Studio News | 0 comments

Things slow down for us a bit towards the holidays and we start working intensely on the design of wedding albums for our clients. Iím very excited because the first of the ready albums has come in! I love being at home and getting the delivery from the album company. I feel like a small kid on Christmas morning every time I open a box with albums. After weeks of selecting the pictures, designing the album, and discussing it, itís such a pleasure to finally hold the final product of our work in my hands and go slowly through the pages.

The feel of the real pages is so different to me than the flat look of the design on the monitor! Although both Mike and I looove our digital SLR cameras, we both think that the final product is the printed one. Itís great to have all your digital pictures on the computer, but a nice portrait on the wall or a beautiful album on your coffee table is so much more enjoyable.

Anyway, weíre working hard on the rest of the albums so if you havenít seen your draft yet, please be patient and weíll get in touch with you soon :)

Hereís a beautiful 10×10 Vision Art book that came in just a few days ago. You can see the album layout slideshow here.

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