South Beach, Miami vacation – part II

by | Jan 17, 2008 | Personal | 1 comment

So we are back home to our California winter, to the sweaters and jackets. Looking through our vacation pictures it’s hard to believe that somewhere not that far away it’s hot and humid right now. I think that the warmer the weather the better, so the only thing stopping me from moving to Florida are all the wild animals rescue shows which we watched on TV while staying in Miami. While California’s version of the show usually features people rescuing cats and dogs – Florida’s version has people calling about crocodiles in their backyards. I wouldn’t want to find one of these in my own backyard!

Honestly, Miami didn’t leave a great impression on me – it was big, flat, and a bit too showy. Even the famous Art Deco architecture of South Beach left me feeling a bit indifferent. I’d love to come back to Florida again and may be check out some of the other parts and maybe drive through the state along the coast. Here are some more photos from the trip!

The beautiful Everglades:

Would you want to find this guy in your backyard?

We got to see baby crocs up close following the Everglades boat ride:

A real photographer on vacation :)

Absolutely loved the quiet and village-like Key West:

Bay Area wedding photographer

Bay Area wedding photographers

A male relative of the chicken family from our last post:

Just loved the light here! No wonder they call it the magic hour:

We’re very excited to have recently been featured in a professional photographer magazine in regards to our awesome print-fulfillment service: Zenfolio. We’ll be glad to share all the details with you in the next few upcoming days. Woo hooo!!