Shelly & Josh’s Wedding

by | Jun 13, 2008 | Weddings | 2 comments

Shelly and Josh got married at the magnificent Cinnabar Hills Golf Club over Memorial Day weekend. I have to say that we couldn’t have get more lucky with the weather on that day – the sky had the most cool looking clouds ever! We were afraid that it’ll start raining, and although we did see a few drops in the morning, it cleared up right before the ceremony and yielded a very moody and beautiful light.

Shelly looked radiant and happy and had the greatest smelling bouquet ever!

Cinnabar Hills Golf Club Photography

Cinnabar Wedding Photos

Josh and Shelly had a charming ceremony and were pronounced husband and wife with a great view of the rolling hills of the golf course, surrounded by friends, family, and all kinds of blooming flowers!

Cinnabar Hills Wedding

We were happy to see that these guys showed their adventurous side by climbing wet hills, hiking to a few old trees in the distance, and getting waist deep into the tall grass.

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Cinnabar Hills Ceremony

Cinnabar Ceremony Photography

San Jose Cinnabar Wedding Photography

Cinnabar Hills Golf Club

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Congratulations on your beautiful wedding!! We were honored to be your photographers.