Searching for a wedding venue – part III

by | Oct 10, 2009 | Mike & Nat's Wedding | 6 comments

This past Thursday we finally found some time to go to the wine country again to do some food tasting and to take a look at a few more venues. It’s been two months since we went to search for venues last time and I just couldn’t wait to finally have time for the second visit!

First on our list was a vineyard with a beautiful villa we could rent for a few days. This place seemed to have everything – beautiful landscaping and views, a pool, an outside fireplace and even a jacuzzi! What I liked the most is that for those few days the whole place is going to be ours and we won’t have to obey any stupid rules some other venues seem to have! Oh and one more good thing – the majority of the wedding would be on the cobblestone so I would be able to wear the high heels I was dreaming of :)


We had another private villa on our list that morning. The lady was a bit secretive and didn’t want to give us the address of the place; instead, she asked to meet us at BR Cohn Winery so we would follow her to the house. Why? After seeing the place we’d know the address anyway right? After 15 minutes of following her SUV up a super windy road we saw the house on the top of the hill. As promised, the view from there was just breathtaking – we could see the entire Sonoma Valley from there!


We didn’t like the house itself as it was way too tiny even for our size wedding and way too overpriced, but I absolutely fell in love with this bathroom in the bridal suite:


I had a few giggles imagining how many drunk grooms had to sleep on the floor after not being able to climb this Everest of a bed :)


We had some time before our next appointment so we decided to stop for lunch at Caffe Citti. I would really recommend to check out this place when you’re in the Sonoma area! We had the best prosciutto sandwiches ever!


Unfortunately, the food in the cafe was so good that we just couldn’t stop and arrived to our next appointment, which was supposed to be a food tasting, completely full. It seems silly to do that, but it’s probably good to try food when you are not completely starved and inhale anything edible :)


Well, so now we are trying to decide between the Ranch we loved so much during our last visit:


…and the first villa we just saw.

I’m starting to panic a bit as our fall is getting booked very quickly at this point and we’re in danger to not have a date for our wedding! I think we are going to choose within a couple of weeks and I’ll be sure to let you all know what we settled on :)