Sasha and Roma’s Engagement

by | Jun 22, 2008 | E-Sessions | 8 comments

Now that we’re closer to the city it seems like we come there more often than we ever did before. Sasha and Roma’s wedding at the beautiful Hans Fahden Winery is coming up in just a few short weeks now and we were glad to find a time to capture their e-session! Natasha and I were just visiting Hans Fahden in May for a friends’ wedding as guests and it’s going to be great to return.

We walked around the Hills Brothers’ building near The Embarcadero, checked out a pretty awesome pier, and even got a drink at Gordon Biersch. Here are a few shots to share from their session:

Fahden Photography

Hans Fahden Photos

Hans Fahden Winery Wedding Photography

Hans Fahden Wedding

Wedding Photos Hans Fahden