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I didn’t really know the difference between various American states when moving to the US thirteen years ago, and it was just by lucky chance that I ended up in sunny California. The more I learned about different states the more I realized that California is an amazing place to live, and I love absolutely everything about it. From the beautiful and crazy diverse nature and food to its liberalism and cultural diversity. There were only a few things that I wished would be different about this state, and one of the most important ones was always the issue of same-sex marriages. It was unbelievable to me that a state so liberal and so progressive does not allow people who love each other be together.

Well, this year everything changed and we could not have been happier to hear that Proposition 8 was finally overturned and California finally entered the 21st century.

I love visiting San Francisco City Hall during the week and seeing all kinds of different couples in love getting married. Young and old, gay and straight, in full wedding attire and in casual clothes, – they are all in love, all hold hands, and all get just a bit anxious waiting for their marriage appointment at the clerk’s office. This scene never gets old and makes me emotional every time. You can’t imagine the number of times I’ve been thankful for my big camera I can hide behind so no one sees me teary-eyed at work! :)

Kim and Margaret had to wait for a very, very long time to be allowed to get married and we couldn’t be more honored to witness their intimate ceremony among the closest of their family. There’s a good reason why so many famous people get married at City Hall. We went up to the fourth-floor balcony after their first kiss and started our portraits from there – slightly shy and reserved at first, they soon relaxed and it was a pleasure to see them being so happy and enjoy each other’s company while we were clicking away.

Some of our favorites from the day:

San Francisco City Hall Same-Sex Wedding Photographer

Same Sex Wedding San Francisco City Hall


Same Sex Marriage San Francisco City Hall


Gay Wedding San Francisco City Hall


Gay Wedding San Francisco


Same Sex Wedding Photographer SF City Hall


Gay Wedding SF City Hall

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Mike and Nat are a husband and wife photography team based in San Francisco Bay Area. Their relaxed style allows them to capture authentic moments while creating a stress-free experience. Choco Studio photographs weddings throughout the San Francisco Bay Area including Napa, Sonoma, Carmel, and Monterey.