Rodrigo Y Gabriela Concert

by | Jul 2, 2007 | Personal | 1 comment

It’s not often that Natasha and I see a concert so when we do it’s always a special occasion. Part of it is that we’re not usually free on the weekends and the other part is that we’re really picky!

Last Wednesday we got to see the amazing acoustic duo of Rodrigo Y Gabriela. It was my second time checking them out and it was both of our first time at the Mountain Winery. And wow, what a place for a show. Just when you think you’ve reached it on the windy Saratoga mountain road, you end up going through the gate all the way to the top of the hill! The view from there was spectacular – you could almost see the entire Bay Area.

We were joined by a couple of our friends and it was definitely a night to remember. I would describe the music of this band as “metal inspired flamenco guitar” :) It was just the two of them getting carried away by the rhythms and solos of their own flavor, with no voice or accompaniment of any kind.

Rodrigo and Gabriela came from Mexico to live in Ireland about 8 years ago. They played on the streets to make a living and now their talents are appreciated by fans worldwide. What a story of hard-earned success!

No cameras were allowed at the Mountain Winery, however, when I saw them play in SF the first time I had a chance to take photos right next the stage. Their show in SF was at a small bar and now they’re on to playing much bigger venues.

This video was part of the reason to their success:


Here are a few shots I took at their show in SF:

More Rod and Gab here: Hope you dig them too!