Portraits of baby Vadim

by | Feb 3, 2008 | Portraits | 0 comments

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take pictures of my friend’s son Vadim whom I’ve known since he was born. Because I see him several times a week it’s hard to notice him growing, but every time I look at his pictures I think to myself “Wow, he’s grown up soo much!”

I absolutely love taking pictures of kids but I have to say that getting photos of a 1.5 year old boy is no easy thing. Kids this age seem to love the attention they’re getting during the shoot, can’t seem to stop moving, and get more and more excited! At the end of our hour-long session Vadim’s mom and I were totally exhausted while Vadim looked as fresh as he did in at the start of the shoot. He was ready for more!

A few of my favorites from our latest photo session: