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We like to travel light and religiously follow the expression “Take half as much stuff as you think you’ll need”. Our discussions about needing to take certain items with us usually result with leaving said item at home. There’s only one exception to that rule: we absolutely do not travel without a camera. Or two. (Otherwise we’ll fight :) Some kind of a camera is always with us: if we are too lazy to carry the big guns with us, we just take our handy point-and-shoot.

Our stream of personal pictures is constant and never dies down. Well, what do you want? We love love love taking pictures! Unfortunately, because we place priority on our clients images, we rarely ever have time to cull and edit our personal work. We have tons of fun shooting and would really enjoy looking through the photos (often in-camera), but then we put them into the bottomless “Personal Images” folder on the computer at home and that is it. Many of them never see the light of day again.

Last week I found thousands of pictures that have never been shared with anybody: hikes and camping trips, BBQs and Birthday parties, vacations and work trips. I’m making it my goal to put a dent in those pictures and share as many as I can.

I’ll start with pictures from this October. As many of you know, we weren’t able to go on our honeymoon right after our wedding and to compensate ourselves, we decided to have two honeymoons: a warm and a cold one :) The warm part took place on the island of Kauai where we spent seven days being busy doing nothing. We drove around in search of beautiful views and yummy food, we hiked, slept and just relaxed. Here are some of the highlights from the trip:

Wedding Photographers in Hawaii


Wedding Photographers in Kauai


Hawaii beach


Kauai nature


Kauai beach


Wedding Photographers in Kauai


Wedding Photographers in Kauai


Photographers in Kauai


Kauai landscapes


Honeymoon in Kauai


Wedding Photographers Honeymoon in Kauai


Wedding photographers in Kauai


Kauai photography


Kauai photography


Kauai nature photography


Kauai landscape photography


Wedding photographer in Kauai


Kauai nature


Kauai nature


Kauai sunset


Any guesses where we went to for the cold part of our honeymoon? :)

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Mike and Nat are a husband and wife photography team based in San Francisco Bay Area. Their relaxed style allows them to capture authentic moments while creating a stress-free experience. Choco Studio photographs weddings throughout the San Francisco Bay Area including Napa, Sonoma, Carmel, and Monterey.