My nephew is one!

by | Jan 24, 2007 | Personal | 1 comment

I’ve been an uncle for a year now! We had a nice family visit to my brother’s house for Ender’s first birthday. The cute little thing started walking just 2 weeks ago – still pretty unsure of his steps – plus I hear those pampers really get in the way :) I don’t know if he knew it was his birthday but he sure had everyone’s attention, as always.

The highlight for Ender must’ve been the cake with which he really got to have his way. The musical candle itself was playing the birthday tune while he looked on with big eyes. Then came the fun part of squashing, smashing, and rubbing the cake over everything from his face to the table cloth and chair!

Following a quick half-body dip into the bathroom sink with the help of his grandmas he was mostly sugar free again. It was only a few months ago when he fit into the kiddy style sink-bath completely :)

The photo below was taken by my brother, Alex.

photographer photos

– Mike