Morning Preparations: Your Stress-Free Wedding (Part 3 of 4)

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Your Morning Preparations


This is the 3rd of our 4-part mini series: “Your Stress-Free Wedding”. We’ve put together our best planning tips from 11 years of experience.
These ideas will help you to enjoy the day and be in the moment as much as possible. Read the rest of the series here!


The morning of your wedding will set the tone for the entire day. We suggest deciding ahead of time if you want a quiet morning of getting ready by yourself, with just with a couple of friends, or to have a room full of people.

The best time to start your photography is about an hour before the end of your makeup and hair preparations. This will give us enough time to capture all of the details (dress, shoes, flowers, etc.) as well as your final makeup touches.

We’ll also spend about ten minutes after you step into your dress to take close-up photos of you while your makeup is flawless (and before you have a chance to get teary-eyed). Your bouquets should be to be delivered to your preparation location so we can take photos and have them ready for your portraits.

Please have all the details you want photographed out by the time we arrive (dress, shoes, jewelry, garter belt). It’s also a great idea to start on your makeup/hair before your bridesmaids as it usually takes longer for the bride.


Some final tips:

  • Ask your makeup artist to have the bride be ready half an hour before you actually need to be ready. This can help you avoid a very common cause of delay in the schedule.
  • Ideally, your room should be uncluttered and with lots of bright window light. The more people you’ll have in the room, the larger the room should be.
  • Lastly, if you want to have a photo of your dress on a hanger we suggest bringing a nice wooden hanger to your hotel.


Favorite Preparation Moments


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