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A few Sundays ago we got together with our friends to celebrate Maslenitsa, a Russian religious and folk holiday. Not to get deep into it’s religious significance, it’s a festival of the sun – a celebration of the imminent end of the winter. For most people it’s just an opportunity to get together with friends and family and eat lots of bliny – Russian style crepes – with all sorts of fillings and toppings. It is said that the round and golden bliny symbolize the sun.

So that’s just what we did and we had lots of fun stuffing ourselves with these little suns :)

Crepes Photo

Crepes Photo

This past weekend we had a great wedding shoot at the Palms Event Center in Pleasanton. Huge congratulations to Leann and Nate. Their wedding preview will be coming up on our blog shortly.

Hope you’re all enjoying the beautiful sunny weather we’re having this week!