Our trip to LA and Santa Barbara

by | Sep 3, 2008 | Personal | 4 comments

Our road trip to LA a couple of weeks ago was just awesome! We had a blast at the wedding (cannot wait to blog it!) and then we took a few days off to drive back home while stopping here and there.

A few shots from my favorite point-and-shot:

We usually stay away from fast food in everyday life, but during long trips we very much look forward to In-n-Out splurges :)

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills was beautiful, but super hot and full of all kinds of tourists. Just look at those two obnoxious ones taking their photos in a storefront display:

I absolutely fell in love with Santa Barbara – it’s so calm and cute! We had just a day to spend there but I have a feeling we’ll come back very soon :)

What do photographers do on their time off? ;)

Loved the pier in SB where we went for a late night dinner, it was so colorful and full of life:

We just had to stop at Solvang on the way back! It’s cute and super unreal. A great sample of powerful marketing for a city in the middle of nowhere:

Coming up next we’ll be posting photographs from an awesome wedding here in San Francisco. The bride and groom were both wearing white and looked simply dazzling.

Hope you’re staying cool in this heat!