Now – It’s Just Called “Marriage”!

by | Jun 26, 2013 | Weddings | 0 comments

I’ve never really chosen to live in California, it kind of just happened this way. When I came into the country almost thirteen years ago San Francisco was the only city where I knew someone and so I settled there.

I started to fall in love immediately – with California nature, people, and its overall free spirit. While traveling oversees I would proudly say that I’m from California.

Today we are more proud than ever to be Californians – what an amazing day for equality, love and marriage! So happy for all our friends and fans who will finally be able to be with the ones they love and have beautiful, meaningful weddings, not “gay weddings”. It feels great to know that my friends are going to be treated equally no matter who they are, and it makes us feel a little bit more free.

Love is love!

Gay Marriage San-Francisco Equality Love Wedding Photography

We just took this picture yesterday while shooting a City Hall wedding – who knew it’ll become so much more meaningful today!