Finding YOUR perfect wedding photographer

by | Jun 7, 2009 | Press + Studio News | 0 comments

We came across an amazing article about five great ways to find the photographer of your dreams. It was put together by Deb and Grant, a couple that shoots as a team based out of Newport News, VA. If you’re looking for the perfect photographer for your wedding – but you’re not quite sure how to go about it, check it out!

I love how well they describe the importance of truly being able to connect with your photographer. The goal we set for ourselves with each of our couples is to understand their vision for the feel of their wedding. By learning about your reasons for the choices that you’re making we can better understand what is important to you and why.

Take a read below and I hope this article will bring you one step closer to finding the perfect one: (click on image below)

Finding the perfect wedding photographer

(Click on the image above to read the article.)