A Fairytale Wedding in Tiburon – Elina and Mordechai

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Sausalito wedding photographer

We knew Elina and Mordechai’s wedding will be unique from our first conversation. Being the creative and warm-hearted people that they are, their wedding had lots of magic, colors, and beautiful emotions for us to capture.

The setting turned out to be a brand new synagogue that was described as a “labyrinth with amazing light”. Congregation Kol Shofar is in Tiburon and this was the first large wedding they’ve ever done. Guests flew in from all over the world and we had a great time documenting this fun day.

All of the photos were taken in close proximity to the synagogue and the reception took place here as well. Enjoy!

Kol Shofar Sausalito wedding portraits

Sausalito intimate wedding

Sausalito natural bride portraits

Kol Shofar natural photography

Bedeken Ceremony San Francisco

Bedeken Ceremony Sausalito wedding

Bedeken Ceremony Kol Shofar

Sausalito wedding ceremony photography

Kol Shofar wedding photographer

Kol Shofar wedding ceremony

Kol Shofar first kiss

Emotional wedding photography Sausalito

Kol Shofar Sausalito wedding reception

Congratulations to Elina and Mordechai!

– Mike and Nat