Deepa and Ash’s Wedding

by | Jun 10, 2008 | Weddings | 9 comments

Recently we had the pleasure of witnessing a very special Sikh ceremony between our friends Ash and Deepa. The 3-day event took place near Sacramento and it was an honor for us to capture the first couple of days; the last day of the event was captured by Johnstone Studios out of Reno, Nevada. We had another wedding to capture on this day which will be posted on our blog very soon now.

The traditions, colors, and emotions that we captured during these two days left us fascinated. This was a beautiful union of two people in love, and along with the help of their family and friends, Ash and Deepa’s wish came true. There were over 600 people invited to this event who joined to celebrate and wish them well on their journey.

Sikh Wedding Photography

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Sacramento Wedding Photography

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Sacramento Wedding Photography

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Anand Karaj Wedding Photography

Congratulations to you, Ash and Deepa!! We wish you all the best :)

To view Ash and Deepa’s Engagement Ceremony, please click here, and to see their engagement session please visit here.