Anna and Alex’s Wedding

by | Sep 12, 2008 | City Hall Weddings, Weddings | 5 comments

Anna and Alex’s amazing Friday wedding took place right here in San Francisco. Their ceremony was conducted at the beautiful City Hall and some of the photo ops we checked out included the Legion of Honor and the Hills Bros. building on the Embarcadero.

The mood and energy of the bridal party was great and it was fun to ride along with them in the limo throughout the day. We were thrilled with the portraits we were able to accomplish inside of the City Hall and the day seemed to really go smooth with an ample amount of time for each of the photo locations.

One of the staircases at the City Hall:

Anna just before the ceremony:

I think it’s absolutely incredible that a place as busy as San Francisco City Hall can often be so empty. One of the main problems of photographing in public places is usually the passerby, which always seem to be in the picture. City Hall is one of the few places where that is not a problem – it is always possible to find a secluded corner with very nice light. We found this gorgeous light under the central dome:

Alex was just glowing during the ring exchange:

Anna and Alex were great and trusted us with most of our crazy photo ideas throughout the day. This beautiful shot was taken on the edge of a water puddle while walking along the Embarcadero:

The intimate reception took at the French restaurant Boulevard on the Embarcadero. The dimly lit room provided a very special setting for the toasts, joy, and celebration that took place:

The ambiance as well as the food at this restaurant were just dazzling:

…and the party continued into the night:

We’re very happy for you, Anna and Alex!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful day with us.