Gina and Jason’s Wedding

by | Jul 15, 2009 | Weddings | 7 comments

This weekend we had a great time taking photos of two weddings right here in the Bay Area. The Cinnabar Hills Golf Club in San Jose is a fantastic venue for wedding photos. Gina and Jason’s day started with Natasha capturing the preparations at the Bride’s house while I met up with the Jason and the guys at a nearby hotel.

The weather was anything but predictable and we had everything from a light rain drizzle to full sun and lots of clouds in between. Of course, what that means for wedding photos is amazing light! The ceremony in particular was blessed with soft, diffused clouds and the sun came out for the first kiss as if right on queue. What a spectacular show!

Cinnabar Hills is definitely one of our favorite golf clubs and wedding venues in the Bay Area. The landscaping of the hills as well as the spacious reception room allow for an amazing celebration. We had a blast capturing Gina and Jason’s wedding photos. Here are some faves:

Cinnabar Hills Wedding Photo Bride and Groom Portrait

Cinnabar Hills Golf Club Wedding Dress

Bride preparing for the ceremony at Cinnabar Hills Club

Gina’s father seeing her for the first time:

Bride with her father getting ready for ceremony

Portrait of a Bride

Vintage Portrait of a Bride

Groom getting ready for wedding at Cinnabar Hills, San Jose

These cufflinks were a wedding day present from Gina to Jason – can you read what they say?

Eye Do Cufflinks for the Groom on Wedding Day

Groom Toasting with Groomsmen at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club

In the limo with the girls:

Flowers and Toes in the Limo on the Way to the Wedding

Champaign on Wedding Day

Cinnabar Hills Bride Photo

The smallest of the three ring-bearers didn’t see what all the fuss was about :)

Cinnabar Hills Ceremony Processional with Kids in a Wheelbarrow

Cinnabar Hills Golf Club Outdoor Ceremony Photo

Cinnabar Hills Golf Club Ceremony Photo

Bride and Groom First Kiss at Cinnabar

Bride and Groom Portrait at the Golf Club

Bride and Groom Vintage Portrait at Cinnabar Club

Black and White Bride and Groom Photo

Vintage Bride and Groom Photo

First Dance by Gina and Jason at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club

A Toast by the Bride and Groom

Speech by the Matron of Honor During the Reception

Wedding Rings Creative and Artistic Photo

Creative Cake at Cinnabar Hills Reception

Congratulations to Gina and Jason!! We were thrilled to be a part of your big day.