Big news about my little sister

by | Jul 14, 2007 | Personal | 0 comments

While some of you may already know, I think a real announcement is in order. This particular announcement is about 33 weeks old now and still very tiny. :) My sister Ira is expecting which means I’m about to become an aunt!!

My whole family is very excited and we just can’t wait to meet the baby. My dad, who is still very young, is having a hard time getting comfortable with the title of grandpa. There’s a Russian joke that says “…while it’s alright to become grandpa, it sucks to have to go to bed with grandma!” :)

We are pretty sure it’s going to be a girl and I can’t seem to stop buying her summer dresses – they are all super cute! It’s usually cold in Saint Petersburg though and the baby might not even need ’em.

It’s getting so very close now. Stay tuned for lots and lots of pictures as soon as the baby arrives!

Ira got married just this spring and you can read more about it here.