Behind-the-Scenes 2013!

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I have a special funny folder on my desktop where all the bloopers are saved. I never open it until the end of each year, and then, when all the weddings are shot and edited (and funny moments are mostly forgotten) I open it up to share the pictures. Funny poses, faces, and being in each other’s way – you can find it all here. It was a great year!

Nothing better than carefully framing your shot just to see your significant other slowly appearing in the corner :) Love this series:

Wedding Photographer San Mateo


The bubbles are not going to blow themselves, you know:

Wedding Photography San Mateo


Engagement Photography San Mateo


Engagement Photographer San Mateo


That foam was super yucky and yes I stepped in it. And it was totally worth it!

San Mateo wedding reception


San Mateo wedding ceremony


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