Portraits of baby Vadim at Two and a Half

by | Jan 15, 2009 | Portraits | 1 comment

We are currently away traveling in Southeast Asia. Natasha and I will be back in the Bay Area on January 25th.

These blog posts were pre-written and set to publish throughout our time away. We will also do our best to write periodic updates of our travels on the road. Enjoy these posts and let us know what you think in the comments below!


It became a tradition for me to take pictures of my friend’s son Vadim just before the holidays. After last year’s session I remember being pretty exhausted as it can be really hard to take pictures of toddlers. Little did I know!

As challenging as it is to take pictures of a 1.5 year-old, it’s close to impossible to take pictures of 2.5 year-olds! Vadim was extremely interested in my camera and wanted nothing to do with all the toys his mom was offering to him as distractions. He wanted to have my camera!! I had to hide it behind my back in between the shots, but every time I’d get it out he would run towards me trying to grab a hold of it :)

Here are a few fun favorites:

And here’s last years session. I’m hoping next year will be easier! :)