Dasha – six months later

by | Feb 21, 2008 | Personal | 1 comment

Six months ago, I remember praying the whole night that my little niece would enter this world healthy and safe. Right now, I cannot believe that it was only half a year ago! Today Dasha celebrates her six-month birthday! She became the Princess of the family and all the conversations start and end with her name. It’s impossible to even imagine that we didn’t know her only half a year ago.

In addition to being adorable Dasha’s quite an achiever. In only half a year Dasha:

– Started eating solid foods (she refuses to take the bottle now – big girls eat from the spoon!)
– Changed all the roles in our family (it’s still weird to think that my mom is a grandma)
– Survived a horrible Russian winter
– Almost learned how to sit
– Discovered her hands and feet (she munches on her toes all the time now)
– Started talking – well – almost :)
– Brought much, much joy to the family

I have to admit that I didn’t accomplish even close to as much as Dasha did in the last half a year :)

Here are a few pictures taken by my family:

Baby Photography

Proud grandma:

Baby and Grandma

Baby Portrait

You can see of the first baby photography ever captured of Dasha.