Another Weekend up North

by | Nov 28, 2008 | Personal | 1 comment

The coming of November meant it was time for another “Weekend up north”. As mentioned last year, these trips have become a good tradition among our friends, and so last weekend we headed up North to Jenner in Mendocino County once more.

Maybe because it has been pretty dry, or, because of some other mysterious reason of nature, there were not many mushrooms to be found this year. Actually, there were lots of mushrooms of all possible shapes sizes and colors, just not Porcinis – the ones we are usually trying to find. Fortunately for us, our far-sighted friends doing the shopping for the weekend got plenty of mushrooms from Costco and we were able to enjoy mushroom omelets, fried mushrooms with potatoes and even delicious mushroom turnovers.

We hiked, cooked, watched movies, and chilled out on the porch with an awesome view of the ocean. Here are some shots of what we saw and did:

No wonder happy cows come from California!

Heading back home:

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone!!