An afternoon walk

by | Nov 18, 2007 | Personal | 0 comments

We spent last Sunday afternoon walking in Rancho San Antonio with Alex, Mikeís brother, and his little son Ender. Mike and I usually come here to hike during the week when itís not crowded. This Sunday, however, it was rather unusual to see so many people running, hiking, biking, and walking with their kids. We love hiking in this park because it has incredibly beautiful trails which disappear into the hills and there’s also a great variety of animals. The deer are almost part of the permanent landscape of the park and weíve also seen bobcats, rabbits and turkeys.

Ender is Mikeís 1.5 years old adorable nephew. Unfortunately, we donít see him nearly as often enough as we would like to because we’re all so busy! I hope this will change in the upcoming holiday season! :)

On this day, however, Ender was sleepy almost the entire walk. He wasn’t as much in the mood for walking as he was for sitting in the stroller. Only when we came close to the animal farm did he jump out of the stroller and run towards the animals yelling and pointing his fingers. :)

Here are some favorites:

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It was a fun afternoon guys! Letís do it again soon.