A weekend up north

by | Dec 4, 2007 | Personal | 0 comments

Among our friends, it became almost a tradition to go mushroom picking some time right before Thanksgiving holidays. This year was not an exception: we rented a big house and spent 3 fantastic days overlooking Bodega Bay.

Mushroom picking is extremely popular and widespread in Russia; people are both passionate and competitive about it. Back there people call it a “quiet hunt” – you get all the rush of real hunting without killing anything.

It was pretty warm but really foggy there. The fog would come in several times a day and every time it would be very sudden and unexpected. We would look out of the window and see the bay and only 15 minutes later everything would be plain white.

We spent our days hiking, cooking, playing music and naturally taking tons of photos.

Our view of Highway-1 from living room windows:

Bodega Bay at night

Mike and Natasha

BBQ coals warming up:

BBQ coals

Cat and Dog


Our friend Stefan and his mussels :)

Mussels BBQ


A giant Porcini: