Last weekend we were thrilled to shoot an amazingly beautiful Afghan wedding at the Marriott Hotel in Fremont. We had such a great time getting to know and working with Maira and Aref. We knew from the beginning that they were really into photography and they also put so much thought into the details of their wedding. The Afghan wedding photos we captured on this day included traditional dances, a special ceremony with henna, amazing tabla drumming, and much more.

Natasha and I love working with clients who are into really creative and artistic photographs and we love being inspired by them. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:

Fremont Marriott Hotel Elevator Wedding Photo

Love the elevators at the Fremont Marriott!

Marriott hotel in Fremont on Wedding Day

Wedding shoes

Wedding dress detail

Wedding Dress in full

Wedding rings

Calla lilies wedding bouquet

Calla lilies and wedding rings

Maira, bride getting ready

Putting on wedding shoes

Wedding Shoes

We couldn’t get enough of these shoes!

Aref, groom getting ready

pinning the boutonniere

Maira, bride portrait in veil

Aref, groom, portrait

Portrait of Bride in the hallways of the Fremont Marriott

Having fun in the hallways of the Fremont Marriott.

Marriott Fremont Hallway

Bride and Groom portrait

Reception table decorations flower centerpiece

Afghan stage decorations at the Fremont Marriott

Afghan ceremony details

Cake at Fremont Marriott

Table setting at Fremont Marriott

Giant vase with flowers at wedding

Tabla drumming at Afghan wedding

Traditional Afghan wedding dancing

Boy at wedding reception

Afghan ceremony

Afghan Henna painting at weding

Afghan traditional dancing

Aref and Maira, Bride and Groom dancing at Fremont Marriott

Table settings and guests at Fremont Marriott

Black and White Bride and Groom Dancing

bride and groom dancing at Afghan wedding reception at Fremont Marriott

bride and groom dancing at Afghan wedding reception at Fremont Marriott

We took photos of Maira and Aref’s fun engagement session on the Embarcadero just prior to the wedding day and these will be going up soon. Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!