It was warm, sunny, and beautiful on the day of Celina and Denton’s wedding at the Officer’s Club in Fort Mason. The day had started for us at Celina’s house as we captured her preparations as well as a few shots of her adorable dog (see the last shot!) There were a lot of emotions at this wedding, in particular because many of the guests had traveled a long distance to be a part of this event.

Nestled in between amazingly tall eucalyptus trees, the Officer’s Club is a vibrant and pleasant setting for the ceremony. The interior of the club was carefully decorated with many of the couple’s photos and traditional Chinese keepsakes. The day had an effortless flow to it and everything really seemed to go off as planned.

Fort Mason Officer's Club Wedding Photography

Officer's Club Wedding Photo

Fort Mason Wedding Photography

Fort Mason Ceremony Photo

Officer's Club Ceremony Photography

Surrounding the Officer’s Club is a beautiful lawn, an array of tall trees, and some really interesting architecture characteristic of Fort Mason. Celina and Denton could hardly stay away from each other and creating their portraits was pure joy.

Officer's Club Reception Photo

Officer's Club Wedding Pics

Fort Mason Officer's Club

Fort Mason Wedding

Fort Mason Photography

Congratulations to this lovely couple!!! We were so happy to be a part of your special day.

Celina and Denton’s engagement photos can be seen here.