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Welcome to our new blog!

This blog contains all of the entries from our old blog as well as a new search feature that can be used to find past entries.

As you may have noticed, we have a new company name. We’ve been in search of a name that could represent both of us and after suffering much grief that both Google and Apple were taken, we’ve moved on to our choice number three: Choco Studio! We wanted a name that was simple, fun, classy and felt that Choco Studio had all of the above.

Thanks to all of our fantastic clients for helping us fill the new website with beautiful images! If you haven’t yet had a chance to see it, check it out.

Please do add your email address for a subscription to our blog on the right sidebar so that you don’t miss the latest posts, news and recent photoshoots. You may also bookmark this site, and if you’re an rss person, the rss feed is here.

Last week we announced a CONTEST in celebration of all this news and the results of the contest are IN. We randomly picked a couple from the list of our past and current clients and the winners of a beautiful 16″x24″ mounted print are: Julie and Erik!

Mounted prints do not require frames and can readily be displayed and enjoyed. These large size prints look just awesome on a wall in your home or at the wedding reception. Julie and Erik, please contact us to let us know your favorite photo.

We’d love to know what all of you think about our new brand and website so please leave a comment to let us know. To encourage everyone to not be shy and speak up we’ll draw another name out of all the people who comment here by next Saturday. This person will also get to pick their choice of photo for another beautiful 16″x24″ print.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Hope you enjoy it!

Mike and Natasha

                                                                        Choco Studio

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December 21, 2007 - 5:41 pm

Sveta - Hi Mike and Natasha
The website looks great. Congratulations and happy holidays!
Sveta and Egor

December 19, 2007 - 10:08 pm

Hui Hui & Wing - Hi Mike & Natasha,
Thanks for signing our wedding websites guestbook and CONGRATULATIONS on your new brand & website!!! I really like your logo & style for both your website and blog :) AND the music is great too!!!
We’ve just moved into our new home & once we’re settled we’ll contact you for our engagement session. We can’t wait!!!
Happy Holidays,
Wing & Hui

December 18, 2007 - 7:16 pm

Igor & Maya - Hi Mike and Natasha,

Congratulations on the new brand and website. You did a great job and the photos are, as always, beautiful.

We are happy to see your business flourish.

All the best,

Igor & Maya

December 18, 2007 - 2:09 pm

Choco Studio - Thanks so much, Angelica, and Congratulations!

Very exciting news, we’re glad to hear everything is well and we’re so happy for you. Say hi to Yura for us.

December 17, 2007 - 11:49 pm

Angelica - How are you Natasha and Mike?

Your new website looks great! Nice visual, beautiful sound of music, only one thing left to add, smell of chocolate..:)))

Yuriy and I have wonderful news. On Nov.14th I gave birth to Anna and Maria. They are amazing!!!!!!!!!

Wish you all the best,

Angelica and Yura

December 17, 2007 - 10:53 pm

Choco Studio - Natasha loooves chocolate, but that’s not really the reason why we picked it :) We liked the sound of it too.

Really, though the name kind of stuck us when we brainstormed it…

December 17, 2007 - 8:03 pm

Schayne - Hi Mike and Natasha, Your site looks beautiful. The music fits the site very well. The images displayed transition very well too. Do you like chocolate? Is that why you came up with the name chocostudio? I would assume this from the color scheme. Hope you are doing well and are enjoying your holidays! -Schayne

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