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San Francisco City Hall Same-Sex Wedding – B & M

When asked about our photography style the answer we usually give is that we specialize in natural, intimate, and harmonic moments. We love to capture the essence of couple’s relationship and the real moments that happen between you. In our eyes, there are two things which are most important for an amazing photo session: the connection between the couple and their trust and openness towards the photographer. The magic happens when you’re willing to share that connection with us.

With this couple, it really felt like we clicked the minute we met. I don’t take it for granted when people open up to show us who they really are. I could really feel how happy they were that the wedding day was finally here.

SF City Hall Wedding Photographer

Same Sex Wedding San Francisco City Hall

Same Sex Wedding SF City Hall

Two Brides San Francisco City Hall

Intimate Same Sex Wedding San Francisco City Hall

Two Brides Portraits SF City Hall

People in love photography San Francisco City Hall

B & M – thank you for being so honest, for inviting me to witness your beautiful ceremony, and for having fun roaming the City Hall with me. Congratulations!


We would love to hear about your San Francisco City Hall wedding plans. Click here to learn more: SF City Hall Weddings.

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December 3, 2014 - 10:06 am

Alex Tan - Hi there!

This is soo incredibly random, but just wanted to say something because I remember seeing y’all taking photos in City Hall that day! Was rushing past to an interview and remember noticing your photo shoot and how radiant and happy you both looked. you both stood out amongst the hustle and bustle, and i remember feeling so excited for you both and lifted up for my interview, even though i didn’t even know you! :) so thank you!! and congrats!!

So glad the pics came out so great, saw your pictures on a buzzfeed article and was like, wait omg I remember seeing that shoot! wanted to leave a small comment.

much love to you both


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