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Angie and Sulak’s Renewal of the Vows in Carmel

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When you first meet these two and see how they giggle with excitement when talking about each other you immediately think they just met and are still in that overwhelming and giddy stage of love. Then, when you hear that they met 17 years ago you don’t really believe them, it just seems impossible to know each other for half your lifetime and still be so much in love.

Well, last week it was our dear friends’ Angie and Sulak’s 10th Wedding Anniversary and we were fortunate to witness them renewing their vows on the same beach where Sulak proposed many years ago.

And we really did appreciate being there for more then one reason – not only did they trust us to document their very special day, but we were also the only guests at the ceremony! It’s not often I get to play bridesmaid duty and Mike gets to photograph me helping the bride with the dress :)

Here are just a few of our favorites:

Bride and groom getting ready for wedding in Carmel Beach


The First Look:

Carmel Beach First Look


Carmel beach wedding portrait


Intimate wedding portraits in Carmel


Bride and groom with horses at Carmel wedding


Bride coming down the isle at Carmel beach wedding ceremony


Groom seeing his bride at Carmel beach


Carmel beach wedding ceremony


Groom portrait with horse


Fun wedding portrait on Carmel beach


Bride on horse at Carmel beach


Night wedding portrait with sparklers in Carmel


Angie and Sulak – congratulations to you guys, may your life be blessed with love and joy for the next hundred years. Your love and appreciation of each other are an inspiration for all of us. Stay this way, we love you guys!

Nat and Mike

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