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A Day at the Bently Reserve – Emily and Jeff’s Wedding!


Harmonic wedding photography downtown San Francisco

We were introduced to Emily and Jeff by Aditi, whose colorful and multicultural wedding took place at the Palmdale Estates. With Emily away at school we had a chance to develop our connection only over the phone, but it was clear from the beginning that this couple is a great match for our natural and intimate style of photography.

Come the wedding day, Emily and Jeff were both glowing with love and admiration for each other. I felt like they were both so grateful for the chance to take the next step forward in their relationship.

San Francisco Bently Reserve wedding bridal preparation


Bently Reserve wedding natural bridal portrait


I loved how Jeff felt so nervous for the First Look. He went skydiving earlier that week and he confided that he was more nervous for the First Look than when he was jumping out of an airplane!

Bride and groom first look at Bently Reserve


Intimate wedding photography at Bently Reserve


Natural wedding portrait San Francisco


It was wonderful to see Jeff’s grandfather conduct a very personal and meaningful ceremony. There was a lot of humor as well as personal moments shared during his speech:

Intimate wedding ceremony at Bently Reserve


First kiss during wedding ceremony at Bently Reserve


Intimate wedding reception at Bently Reserve


Bride and groom first dance at wedding in Bently Reserve


Wedding details Bently Reserve


Emotional mother son dance at wedding in Bently Reserve


Nat and I were both glowing with love ourselves after being a witness to these intimate moments. It was a joy to capture this beautiful day!


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April 11, 2013 - 4:22 am

Photographers in Kolkata - Nice Post….Amazing collection of wedding photos. You catch all the moments. Everything looks beautiful. Great job done keep it up!

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